Customer Behavior and Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

Disputes may arise when customers file claims with their bank or credit card company to reverse payment for a product. These disputes can occur for various reasons, including dissatisfaction with a product or accidental disputes. When a dispute is initiated, the bank may charge a fee for the reversal, and the funds are withdrawn from our company. Please note that we do not take bank disputes lightly.

If you encounter any issues, we kindly request that you contact us through email, submit a ticket via our help desk, reach out via our phone number, or engage in a live chat with us.

Types of Disputes

  1. Accidental Disputes: These occur when a customer accidentally disputes a charge without a clear understanding of the reason behind the dispute.
  2. Dissatisfaction or Non-Delivery: Customers may dispute charges due to dissatisfaction with a product or because they claim not to have received the product.
  3. Friendly Fraud: Friendly fraud happens when a customer intends to acquire the product and then reverse the payment with the bank. The bank may issue provisional credit while investigating the matter.

Our Right to Rebuttal

Any disputes filed with banks will undergo thorough review and analysis on our part. Subsequently, we will provide the necessary documentation and reasoning to the bank to recover the funds withdrawn during the investigation. Our commitment is to ensure that our Terms and Conditions, which apply to all customers, are upheld. Therefore, we strongly discourage customers from filing disputes with their banks.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. We are here to assist you.

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